GOM JAZZ – an oasis of musicianship, seasoned artists, each an expert craftsman, creating a space of contemporary jazz that evokes a magical place, the whisper of the Floridian wind, the vastness of the Floridian blue white, puffy sky, the silky lapping ocean waves, a landscape of creative flow and sterling expertise, an exquisite blend of sound and emotion drawn from a multitude and decades of experience and sources, funky R&B, picante Latin jazz and swing, the harmonies and rhythms of the modern sophisticated jazz ballad, blended into a scaffold of music both exceptionally original, innovative, and simultaneously steeped in the deepest musical traditions of many eras and places—GOM JAZZ is elusive yet near, accessible with a tint of mystery, a harmonious experience easy, soft, and incredibly complex.

Saxophone, keyboard, guitar, bass, drums—Ron, Felix, Paul, Rafael, Goetz—combining decades of expertise as both honed musicians and composers into an entity that is fresh, original, entirely novel, and yet completely welcoming, a blend of both professionalism and friendship, artists united by their love of music and life, producing a combo greater than its components, grounded in their sparkling craft and creative impulse, GOM JAZZ is to be experienced and drawn within to that place in each of us where music creates its own space of heart and soul.

GOM JAZZ – engenders a smile, a dance, the spirit of the wind, a whispered promise, “the joy in your heart.”

GOM JAZZ – is to be heard, emotionally felt, infused within your soul, five musicians as one, whose only purpose is to express what is deepest in their hearts and bring pleasure and joy to yours.